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I am curious about that and my family history there. Placid Mc Intyr, Grandmother Rosanna Martin Mcintyre Dob July 16/1916. He was a Baptist Minister in Saint John and died there in 1876. Mississauga, Ontario L5K 2A7 [email protected]: I am looking for information on an Ancestry born, married and had passed in New Brunswick. Born in 1885 in Bathurst, New Brunswick, I am looking for a birth certificate, he was married around 1913 in New Brunswick. My Grandmother's Mom in particular, I believe she may have been Irish as her name was Mary Ann Connors, from Millerton New Brunswick and Mother's name was Mary Jane Connors.And she married Placide Mcintyre in Baie St Anne in Jan 22/1935. Is there an area I can search Irish names and perhaps families that came to NB from Ireland?The fire is believed to have started somewhere in the woman's living room and was contained to the one apartment unit.Neighbour Cody Timmons saw the lights from the fire trucks out his living room window.

The cause of the fire isn't known yet, but Halifax Fire's initial investigation shows the couch was likely ablaze in the middle of the living room, which prevented the woman from reaching her front door.The woman was trapped by the fire and couldn't reach her door to escape, so she jumped out the window to safety, breaking her leg in the process.It's the second time in as many weeks in the Halifax area that someone has needed to jump from a building to escape a fire.In not sure if Dr Dalton London Professor Emeritus is still living but I'd like to get in touch if he is. Believe he was a teacher,and first Taylor to settle in Sackville. Samuel Taylor`s Wife, Lydia Ballou born 1776 in Sackville N. BIRTH • Sheffield, New Brunswick, Canada DEATH • Daywood, Sydenham, New Brunswick, Canada I have searched numerous Internet sources and have come up dry on each.Williams father is either John or Ralph London Loyalists who came to Canada in 1783!! Dave Harrison 90 Myrtle Ave Apt 419 Whitman, MA 02382 [email protected]: My father always told me I had matis blood. Q5538-TAYLOR: I seek a copy of an obituary, burial record, or any confirmation, that information I have ,with regard to my great,geat grandfather, Samuel Taylor born in Durham County, Yorkshire, England 1747. Donna St Clair Forest, VA USA [email protected]: I am looking for any information on my 3X Great Grandfather, Samuel Bancroft, along with his wife Margaret Samuel. Justin Swift [email protected]: I am looking to research more information on my grandmother's side of my mother's family.

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Two of the boys would become a ship's captain and a master mariner, a third son became a reverend in the Baltimore Baptist Church in Albert County NB) I would love to be abe to find a death certificate for George and Agnes so that I can finally get their parents names but any kind of help would be very much appreciated, no matter how insignificant it may seem. Q5532-KING: Joseph Frederick King was born in St John, New Brunswick on 10 October, 1877 to parents John Valentine King and Levinia Elizabeth Lair King.

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