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Your answers are used to determine the type of services that may be beneficial to you.The information you share with any health care practitioner at the clinic is completely confidential.Most infections have a "window period" before they can be detected.The table below summarizes how we conduct our most common tests, and the window periods associated with each infection.STBBI Screening Clinic: CLSC de Gatineau 85 Saint-Rédempteur Street with and without appointment: 819 966-6532 or 1-800-463-6066 With appointment: Monday am to pm and Wednesday 1 pm to 9 pm Drop in: Tuesday and Thursday 1 pm to pm To ensure that we are the best service to meet your needs, we encourage you to review what services we offer and do not offer .At the time of your visit, a triage nurse will also review your sexual health concerns.

In order to achieve this, sometimes clients are seen out of order from their assigned numbers. The visit may include an assessment, on site testing, blood work and treatment.

In the above cases you should NOT come to the Sexual Health Clinic; instead, please see your Family Physician or a Walk-In Clinic.

In the case of an Emergency, please go directly to the nearest Hospital.

You will be asked to fill out a registration form by the front reception staff which includes your contact information.

The nurse will call your clinic number to discuss briefly the reason(s) for your visit and give a quick overview of the clinic process.

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