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In which case you will need to put in the original disk and do a startup repair or at very worst case, a reinstall of Windows.Hello everyone, First of all, I want to state I really don't know too much about computers.Once you find it and are at the multiboot menu, choose to boot of CD/DVD 3. All that other advice about safemode and recovery, switching memory sticks, launching to last known config... heres the fix: MANUAL FIX TO WINDOWS UPDATE LOOP 1. i tried the steps above, but after typing "del pending.xml" the computer says it can not find that file, upon rebooting, still stuck in loop. The computer keeps on freezing becuase the Memory ram is pilleed up with some virus, So you might want to either, Reboot your computer, or Upgrade the ram. It took less then a second for the repair process to finish. Then I tried to repair it also using my Windows vista DVD, and this helped me, after that I was able to restart windows vista as earlier. Ok, first of all my problem was that when someone had turned off my computer, it came on and it said, Configuring Updates 3 of 3 0% and would restart over and over again.When prompted (after it has booted to the CD/DVD) choose "repair my computer" and enter the command prompt 4. Insert the Recovery/Install DVD into the computer 2. When you first start your computer, the first screen you see should give you the key combination to press to enter a 'multi-boot' menu. this advice above actually worked, and I didnt have to reset to defaults, or reformat. I have even tried booting in safe mode, it is also stuck in update loop, I have tried anything and everything that is out there on the net in regards to this issue, and nothing worked. in the mean while try Removing it and Replacing it back it. hey don't know if u fix that problem with ur pc update problem I had the same problem and I was able to fix it and it work I downloaded the vista recovery and use utorrent to download the files. then re-boot pc and boot from cd at first it did like the system recovery did. (If you boot up without CD, you will get an "Missing NTLDR file" error) 6. Miraculously now system sees a Vista installation present on the system. Chose Vista installation from the choices on the disk and Next. But you must use a windows vista CD/DVD because not even restart in safe mode where possible, because the system crashes before entering start-up of vista. so I was like steaming when it did it all night, well, I figured out that I should try safe mode and no luck just restart.First thing The if you shutdown the machine, You can read this section for updating os , If your update is optional update the system wont crash.If the warning is just a caution with no harm done if I power down the machine, how does the update process do this?Now the question is, what is the likelihood of that happening? I think it's more of a if there's any possible chance this could happen, warn the client regardless. This Might Serve as an answer : The OS Upgrades during installation puts a message “Do not shut down your machine”.

I also don't have a backup, though most of what is on my hard drive is music (all gotten in the legal way though a complete pain to import). heres the fix: MANUAL FIX TO WINDOWS UPDATE LOOP 1.Some systems, Dell's Dimension 8300 in particular will flash a warning on the screen that your CMOS battery is getting weak. Removing it will not affect the computer, but some models may not operate without it inplace, even with the powersupply connected to AC power.Most people never see this because they replace a computer before the battery goes dead. I downloaded a windows update for Windows Vista at start of May which didn't seem to complete to part 3.:p Anyway, last night my computer automatically restarted itself in order for my latest set of Windows updates to take affect.After it restarted, it came up with the usual screen that states it is installing the updates, Step 1 of 3 and then the percentage of it being complete.

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Hey Everyone, I just did Windows Updates and my computer wouldn't start aftwards. Finally I shut the computer off and removed the battery for a second. After the battery has been replaced you will need to reset system time among other things.

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