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Download: Gramblr Available on: Windows, Mac, Linux Okay, this one is a bit of a cheat.Using Dropbox is a great way to get photos from your PC to Instagram (it’s just one of many unique Dropbox uses), but you’ll still need a phone for the last step. To begin, make sure you have a Dropbox account; if you’ve not already got one, go and make one now.However, with a couple of tweaks, you can unlock a secret trick that makes it all possible.All you need is a copy of either Chrome or Safari Clearly, neither of these solutions are particularly elegant, but they don’t require you install any additional apps or supply your login credentials to third-party app providers.You will be able to make tweaks to your image using the Instagram editor before you upload it for the world to see.

Sure, it lets you upload your pictures without a phone, but it doesn’t offer any additional features beyond that.APKs will open automatically with the Blue Stacks app.Because it’s a mobile interface, it’s not always intuitive to use.That’s probably why the touchscreen limitation exists.Nonetheless, if you have a touchscreen laptop, it fulfills its purpose.

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