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The Municipal Valuer issued a "No Change" decision, which he later entered in a supplementary valuation roll.This automatically allowed Rates Watch the right to lodge an objection, which was again dismissed by the Municipal Valuer.

The main purpose of the roll is an attempt by the Johannesburg Municipality to correct mistakes that appeared on their general valuation roll that was implemented on the 1 July 2008.In essence the municipality is targeting properties that were either incorrectly categorized or substantially incorrectly valued in terms of sect 78 (1) (e) & (f)Whilst Johannesburg is perfectly entitled to bring about these changes and rectifications to their roll, the question that has to be asked is. "These are errors and mistakes that should have been entered on their first supplementary valuation roll and not their 9th roll four years later!In terms of section 78(4) (e) of the MPRA, a category change has to be backdated to the date of the change.It is essential that Cape Town property owners retain all relevant information required for the determination of the municipal valuation as at this date.Rates Watch congratulates the City of Cape Town in their endeavors to shorten the valuation period and in so doing keeping pace with market trends and conditions.

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