Date time not updating computer

I just noticed the issue today when I disabled the task then re-enabled it.

I have a Windows Server 2008 SP 2 Task Scheduler task that should run every 10 minutes.

Now, you can buy ergonomic keyboards that bear little resemblance to flat, rectangular models with ordinary square keys.

Some flashier models light up, roll up or fold up, and others offer options for programming your own commands and shortcuts.

You cannot set a completely powered-down Windows computer to turn on at a scheduled time, nor can you schedule a Windows 10 computer to automatically turn on.

When you look at all the extras and options that are available for new computer keyboards, it can be hard to believe that their original design came from mechanical typewriters that didn't even use electricity.

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Last Run Result is "The operation completed successfully. It worked when I first created it a few days ago, but today I disabled then re-enabled it and now it just won't start automatically. How can I get this task to automatically run every 10 minutes when enabled no matter what?

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  1. Check the passed in parameters for the following conditions: -envp should not be NULL -xtramem_sz should not be negative -Either both xtramem_sz and usrmempp have to be provided. Verify that all branches of a global transaction are started with either OCI_TRANS_TIGHT or OCI_TRANS_LOOSE option.