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Log in to Reply People simply forget that Africa is a continent with a wide variety of ethnic groups some that have always been there and some that left for generations and came back.Egypt has ethnic diversity in groups like Siwa Berbers, Copts, Dom (Persians), Beja, Saudis, Yemeni, and Nubians.please come on she does look italian american or even Irish american im the last one who would say about ethnic or exotic people that they look white but here im sure she does look white Log in to Reply Sub-Saharan Africans who are racially black and Egyptians who are racially Middle Eastern/Eurasian/North African, are both geographically African.However, they’re racial, genetic, and ethnic makeups are usually different.Log in to Reply I’m going to nickname you “angry black guy #2”. Here it is two days later,and I’m still on your mind(I see my name everywhere in your posts),while I haven’t given you a second thought. Which is why you kept accusing Follers of being black,when she repeatedly stated she was white. BTW I have never stated all African Americans were mixed, I said the average one.

So like I said,if you don’t like it,take it up with them. I kept referring to all those people as ancient historians,when some were actually (writers and poets,philosophers etc)who lived and study in egypt at the time Now if you reply, I may not reply back right away ,busy. This has been denied and the various pharaoahs whitened up for years.

Amazigh Berbers, Egyptians, Somalis, Nubians, Beja, some Massai and Horn Africans are genetically related.

Contributions from Phoenicians, Turks, Arabs, Vandals, Iberians have an affect on the North African phenotype. Unfortunately I can’t find photos of Hoda with him.

Her father looked more like a modern day Nubian, who have more Eurasian features due to the history of Egypt’s admixture.

Her mother looked more “black”, for lack of a better word, when she was younger but now looks more West Asian but I do believe her genetics are of Africa.

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Log in to Reply “She probably has Sub-Saharan African ancestry mixed in with Arab.

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