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Berbers are indigenous Africans of the North but are genetic siblings of Sub Saharans (y dna E1b1b and E1B1a), who moved south due to climate changes. North Africans(Berbers) are not genetically Sub-Saharan African. She probably has Sub-Saharan African ancestry mixed in with Arab.

mother looks just Caucasian though : P so the possible black ancestry must be from her paternal side.

Photo by Prphotos Place of Birth: Norman, Oklahoma, U. Date of Birth: August 9, 1964 Ethnicity: Egyptian Hoda Kotb is an American news anchor and television personality. Her name, Hoda, is Arabic, and means guidance, while her surname is a common Egyptian surname meaning pole, as in North or South Pole. A lot are dark brown or black in skin tone mainly due to their location near the equator.

She was raised in Egypt, Nigeria, West Virginia, Virginia, and Louisiana. She looks good on that pic BUT ITS NOT THE BEST FOR THIS SITE on this pic you cannot see her eyes and she looks white. Hoda is technically “African American” since Egypt is in Africa.

Some Egyptians look fair skinned with thick hair and others are very dark.

However, they’re racial, genetic, and ethnic makeups are usually different.Log in to Reply People simply forget that Africa is a continent with a wide variety of ethnic groups some that have always been there and some that left for generations and came back.Egypt has ethnic diversity in groups like Siwa Berbers, Copts, Dom (Persians), Beja, Saudis, Yemeni, and Nubians.Log in to Reply “She probably has Sub-Saharan African ancestry mixed in with Arab.Her mother looks just Caucasian though so the possible black ancestry must be from her paternal side.” Good observation.

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Log in to Reply I’m going to nickname you “angry black guy #2”. Here it is two days later,and I’m still on your mind(I see my name everywhere in your posts),while I haven’t given you a second thought. Which is why you kept accusing Follers of being black,when she repeatedly stated she was white. BTW I have never stated all African Americans were mixed, I said the average one.

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