Dating a crazy woman dating an ex39s best friend

If you did something wrong and she does not talk about it, initiate the talk to get it out of the way.

The reason for doing this is because one day she can pull that hand grenade out of her ammunition box and that won’t be a nice day to face hell.

You just seem to keep ending up with those crazy girls. As Phoenix Matchmaker and Dating Coach, men tell me their crazy chick stories. The women who stalked them; threw scenes in public, were loving and then minutes later nasty; seemed to not get along with friends, family; kept losing jobs; got drunk at the worse times. These men are drawn to the crazy girls like a moth to the flame. When she has done something too much and you’re ready to dump her, she draws you back with crazy sex.

Because the sex with the crazy women is usually awesome, crazy and she does all the stuff you’ve probably only seen in the movies (yeah – those movies). How she’s ready to do things, maybe even in public, that get you hot.

In Phoenix my friend, Jason Fierstein, a Male Counselor who specializes in working with men and relationships is awesome.

He helps men get where they want to be much faster than going it alone with giving up the crazy dating habits.

Give a sincere apology and admit that it was a mistake..

This can go a long way to save your relationship.6) Initiate the hard talk A quiet woman is a dangerous woman.

Vying for the upper hand all the time will not help your relationship in the long run.

For such a woman nothing you do seems to be good enough.

Once in a while men fall in love with a ‘crazy’ woman and she drives him up the wall.

Honestly speaking, men love women who challenge them but when dating a ‘crazy,’ there is an over emphasis on challenge and ‘freedom of expression’.

For such a woman nothing you do seems to be good enough; everything that comes out of her mouth sometimes seem like venom which puts such a strain on the relationship. here are ten ways to handle a ‘crazy’ woman as a man.1) Remain calm Sometimes a woman will be angry for no apparent reason; where she bursts out of nowhere with an argument that you know nothing about.

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And remember the more longer and more often that you have dated the crazy girl, the longer it will take for you to stop being with them.

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