Dating a divorced man financially unstable

Still, Lash went to work every morning, like everybody else, and came home at night.

Courtesy of Palisadian-Post/Rich Schmitt ***Sharpe was at work on July 18, 2015. She was nervous because the was about to publish the biggest investigative scoop in its 86-year history.

"It just wasn't Mayberry anymore," she says.***Those first news dispatches in the summer of 2015 ricocheted across Southern California.

It was accompanied by a photo showing police gathered behind a Palisades condominium, where they had discovered hundreds of high-powered assault rifles and pistols, 0,000 in crisp bills and more than 6 tons of ammunition.

For more than a year, Sharpe and her colleagues had been looking into allegations that a beloved local jeweler had been thieving from customers.

There had been 27 lawsuits, and a stream of complaints appeared to implicate him in a criminal racket.

News outlets from around the world dove in, briefly, and then departed, leaving behind a feeling that the "palus," the stake that sheltered this community from the gaze of the outside world, had been torn loose. Two women who knew him, and loved him, are now fighting in court against a coterie of cousins to recoup what they say is their share of millions.

One of them is represented by Harland Braun, the Hollywood attorney known for his longtime defense of director Roman Polanski.

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