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This attack poisons how men experience their own nature, relationships, and purpose. The language of equality is a mere mask for a new hierarchy that explicitly seeks to place the male (especially the white male) at the bottom.

First, the Left attacks the very idea of what it means to be a man. Finally, as a result of upbringing and relationships, liberal men often lack a distinctively masculine purpose.

These are hardly original observations, and Christina Hoff Sommers, in her 2001 book, (among others) have made a much more comprehensive case against the Left’s treatment of young men.

In its quest to destroy the patriarchy, the Left hurts mainly its own.

A 2014 Pew Research study shows that 20 years ago, 17 percent of Republicans had a "very unfavorable" view of Democrats. Liberal antipathy isn't much better: 38 percent of Democrats share that disgust, up from 16 percent. I wonder if I am reasonable enough to compromise if I really met the right person, all other things considered. My first step: Find a Republican and convince him to grab coffee with me.

My grandiose inner dialogue convinces me that I can overcome my preconceived notions despite the heated political climate (hello, election year), and so—in an effort to really test my empathy and my openness in the dating world—I vow to date only conservatives for the next month.

We then make fun of our mutual friend for being a slob. "Angela, I'm a firm believer that when you meet the right person, a lot of that other stuff falls away." These were Coleman's parting words to me. That "other stuff" can fall away, but I need to let it go first. "Future Politician: "And you'll be the journalist criticizing my policies."We sit across from one another, laughing. Coleman's words ring in my ears: "I think the key is, keep an open mind. But they are outliers, and I enjoy the company of most of the guys I meet. It's from a clearly liberal dude who'd asked me out weeks ago, only to have me decline because of my Dating Republicans Only experiment. Instead, I tell him about how much I love writing, and he talks about Shakespeare.

I’d encourage you to read the whole thing, but this observation (taken from the comprehensive work of the University of Chicago’s General Social Survey) was particularly interesting and runs counter to perceptions fostered by pop culture: For many years, researchers found that women were happier than men, although recent studies contend that the gap has narrowed or may even have been reversed. Again and again, young boys are shoved into a quiet, more relational, submissive box.

Political junkies might be interested to learn that conservative women are particularly blissful: about 40 percent say they are very happy. As the father of an active young teen boy, what I’ve seen from other parents — the unbelievable stifling — seems cruel.

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But I also don't want to scream after the date, and that seems like progress. He also seems legitimately interested in what I have to say. We somehow end up talking about those tiny minimalist houses, and both agree that we would live in one. Then I wonder why I'm mulling over statistics on our first date. I connected with someone despite our different politics. I don't even make it out for drinks with another guy—an unsolicited dick pic halts any possible romance.

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