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“A lot of people have got mums, and aunties and children here in the UK. People might get killed because of their sexuality," he said. Speaking to activists at blog Detained Voices, he added that he had been issued a ticket and still did not know whether he was going to be deported. The Home Office sent a letter inviting him to meet with immigration officials to the wrong address and he subsequently missed the appointment, his claim then lapsed, according to the Home Office. I went to sixth form college here." Detained Voices said they were no longer able to contact the man on Wednesday and believed he had been deported."There were many more on that flight in similar impossible situations who now face the almost impossible task of appealing from Nigeria, many just disappear.” Activists have condemned the practice of forcibly removing people from the country on charter flights, which take approximately 2000 people out of the UK each year and usually leave in "secret" late at night from Stansted Airport.

The message began with, “That was the very odd message about FEMA that came into my spam box at work.” The message is titled, “FEMA activates it’s hush hush Civilian Corps, why now?

Immigrants, including asylum seekers, are also often deported from the UK on commercial flights, but their tickets are sometimes cancelled by the airline, particularly if the pilot, other passengers, or air stewards see or become aware of the detainee distressed and resisting removal and object to their presence on board.

In 2010, Jimmy Mubenga died during deportation to Angola, after being restrained by guards on a British Airways flight.

A gay man was also removed from the flight at the last minute, after a barrister filed an injunction arguing deporting him would be illegal. "I haven't been able to get in touch with him today so I presume he was on the flight.

The charter flight, which deportees have compared to a “slave ship”, left Stansted Airport for east Africa at around 10.30pm on Tuesday night, following weeks of protests against mass deportations including an 'ad-hack' campaign on the London Underground. He was very distressed, not only because he would have to face homophobic violence in Nigeria, but because he was leaving his home of the last 13 years and was being separated from his mother who is living in the UK." Karen Doyle, from campaign group Movement for Justice, said it was difficult to know exactly who was onboard because of the secretive nature of charter flights, but added that LGBT asylum seekers are frequently deported to Nigeria, where same-sex relationships are outlawed and LGBT people are "imprisoned, tortured and persecuted".

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