Dating an aloof girl

She’ll often come off strong, outspoken- maybe too much so.

But don’t let her push you away- she’s not used to being soft or kind as an independent girl.

Be gentle, loving, and kind- show her that she was right to open up to you and your love.

Once she opens up to you, your world and hers will change.

This is the first of all dating tips: FACT #1Most men are complete idiots when it comes to women, dating, and relationships.

Again, they are not used to this kind of honesty and this type of behavior from a woman.

Do you want to spend time in your relationship arguing or lying to yourself? So the next of all dating tips you learn is this: FACT #3Men are quite simple. They like friendly, interested, positive, and CHALLENGING women. The key here is the word “challenging.” You have to turn the tables. You will become a Very Special Woman for them in an instant.

She’s not used to this sort of relationship, and she’ll be figuring it out: give her time as she works out how to be vulnerable and open up to someone.

She won’t open up, not right away, and she will only gradually give you a little trust at a time.

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