Dating bad girl

She is the one who loves to have fun and is not apologetic about it.

So it is not wrong to say that you are in for some amazing, fun, drunken madness when dating her.

But like a moth to a flame, we often cannot seem to resist the allure that a bad girl provides, no matter how hard we try.

A ‘bad’ girl is one who is the opposite of a shy, demure, stereotypical Indian nari.

She is certainly not a bad person, but her idea of what is good / bad may not necessarily fall in line with the Indian definition of good / bad.

In fact she will be the one to initiate sex and even suggest positions that will up the excitement and pleasure.

So get ready for the ‘ride’ of your life when dating her!

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When we see a bad girl we see more than just an attractive woman.

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  1. He left and no sooner than he was out the door that she was back at the hole, only this time she put her finger to the hole and motioned for me to move closer.