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And although she’s not tuning out the faint ringing of wedding bells – “You never know, love does inspire beautiful things like that, right?

” she asked with a laugh – for now the singer is just taking things one day at a time.

They eloped on September 4, 2009, in Las Vegas, and on September 11, 2009, it was announced that the two were expecting their first child together.

He’ll be featured on “Do It,” which Milian describes as having a “cool, laid-back, house party feel, like, circa ’90s Janet Jackson.” Outside of her singing career, Milian is mother to daughter Violet Madison, 5, and has her own “docu-soap” on E!Christina says they're still friends and working on some business deal.As for any chance of Nick reconciling with Mariah -- since they've also been hanging out A LOT lately -- listen and judge for yourself. Nick's had a tough time recently in the medical department, but is this guy ripped, or what?They both have insane lives and schedules." PHOTOS: Celebrity couples “We’re both very happy,” Christina told this past May while talking about her track “Rebel.” “He’s very special to me, yeah.For me, I’m so inspired by the relationship that I’m in that it’s definitely an experience.

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