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And then he pitches us into the fray, conjuring the hawkers and sharps who haunted the park and its surrounding area by day.

He also relays the most eagerly indulged pastime in the park - that of “tumbling”: “The principal amusement is to drag young ladies up the steep hill which leads to the Observatory, and then drag them down again, at the very top of their speed, greatly to the derangement of their curls and bonnet-caps, and much to the edification of lookers-on from below.” Such barely respectable daytime pleasures gave way in the evening to the full licentious, thrill-seeking glory of the fair itself.

The most common mistake of bad kissers is excessive frenching, that is, the over-use of the tongue.

They're not sure what else to do; they confuse passion with penetration.

If you make bad kissers feel self-conscious, they'll never improve.

He is godly, attentive, romantic, considerate and highly respectful of me.

She tilted her head, put her open lips to mine, and, using a combination of wetness and suction, established airlock.

Running into July, Rachel Henson’s Greenwich Fair Flickers will set punters off with flick-books to act as guides to “remnants of past revels”, including tumbling. will unleash Punch and Judy from their booth, while Imaginary Friends will see life-sized puppets roaming the crowds.

There are 35 companies taking part in total - and Hemming hopes that, far from being a one-off, the Fair will turn into an annual fixture.

“Can we remember it and can we do something that’s as exciting for the 21st century?

I want to create an atmosphere of there being more on offer than you can possibly see.” What he can’t do is wave a wand, undo “progress”, and allow today’s youth to go hurtling downhill from the top of Observatory Hill en masse, endangering life and limb – “We can’t risk-assess that,” he jokes.

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“Contemporary artists will be exploring links with the past”, he says.

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