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This tradition is alive in the Czech Republic today as well.

The Amistar guitar company has been producing fine resophonic guitars in Prague since 1992.

The last independent firms were forcibly nationalized by the early 1950's.

Petrof pianos have been built in Hradec Kralove since 1864, Hofmann & Czerny in Jihlava since 1871.The year was 1953, the city was Blatna, and the company was the Drevokov Cooperative."Drevokov" means something like "Woodcraft" ("drevo" is "wood" in Czech) and the Drevokov Cooperative was a nationalized furniture company which specialized in producing wall paneling and other wood products.Under this centralization, the identities of the original companies became blurred into one faceless mass, and the lack of surviving records only adds to the confusion.That is why some Jolana guitars are marked "Krnov" and others "Horovice", for example, and that is why it is so difficult to reconstruct the history timeline today. the Grazioso (original ad from Melody Maker magazine c. We do know exactly how the first Czech electric guitar came about.

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