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Perhaps no esoteric system is better known than the Chinese five-element theory that governs acupuncture and pressure points.An unknown number of people partake in the healing arts provided by these techniques, yet they are hardly recognized by modern medicine today.The point is, there is a lot more to the skills involved in both healing and killing than most martial schools offer.Pressure points, sacred sounds used in ki-ai’s and much more.Part of coming of age in warrior cultures has often been linked to taking psychedelic drugs or experiencing extreme hardships under the guidance of elders.

Speculation is there was much information exchanged.They were a Christian martial society, and on Friday the 13th 1307, many of the Templars were rounded up by the church, tortured and disbanded, partly for their esoteric and non-conventional knowledge.The contemporary Catholic Church may be the worlds largest practitioner of ceremonial magic, with the ritual cannibalism of the wafer and wine, or the methods of choosing a Pope. The Japanese Yakuza and Tong Chinese Mafia have long had blood rites.In Portland Oregon, there was a school called “Poekulean” or “A rose with thorns”.This was primarily a woman’s self-defense school, and they had candlelight rituals with knives involved.

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The Vikings were known to have taken mind-altering mushrooms before going into battle, hence the term “Berserker” (Berserk). That warrior cult was also steeped in pagan gods, divination and superstition.

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