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Now, archaeologists and historians say they believe the inspiration for China’s most famous sculptures may have actually come from ancient Greece, and that Greek artists may even have traveled to China to train their Chinese counterparts.Though the 13th-century Italian explorer Marco Polo may have been the first Western European to leave a detailed chronicle of his travels to Asia, he was certainly not the first to make the trip.Before Qin’s reign, China had no known tradition of building life-size sculptures.Though many other buried terra cotta soldiers have been found, earlier ones were much smaller, measuring less than 10 inches tall.and collections that are scattered throughout the country. The Minoans, with Knossos Palace as their epicenter, developed a communications network with races from the Eastern Mediterranean region, adopted certain elements and in turn decisively influenced cultures on the Greek mainland and the islands of the Aegean.The first traces of human habitation in Greece appeared during the Paleolithic Age (approx. On Mainland Greece, the Mycenean Greeks –taking advantage of the destruction caused on Crete by the volcanic eruption on Santorini (around 1500 B.

“We now have evidence that close contact existed between the first emperor’s China and the west before the formal opening of the Silk Road. Xiuzhen told the BBC, which collaborated with National Geographic on a documentary about the team’s findings.

Archaeologists eventually unearthed some 8,000 sculptures from the pits in Xi’an, all built to escort Emperor Qin into the afterlife and guard his final resting place.

The life-size warrior figures included chariots, weapons and horses, and were sculpted in impressive detail, down to their hairstyles and the insignias on their armor.

C.)- became the dominant force in the Aegean during the last centuries of the 2nd Millennium B. The Mycenean acropolises (citadels) in Mycenae, Tiryns, Pylos, Thiva, Glas, Athens and Iolcus, then comprised the centers of the bureaucratically organized kingdoms.

The extensive destruction of the Mycenean centers around 1200 B. led to the decline of the Mycenean civilization and caused the population to migrate to the coastal regions of Asia Minor and Cyprus (1st Greek colonization).

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