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Eric Komberec, a friend of Melotz’s, told the Montana Standard that “prior to the touchdown, the airplane just veered 90 degrees to the right” and that “Something happened drastically wrong at the very last minute that was out of the ordinary, unlike anything I’ve ever seen.” According to Bozeman’s KBZK, the official investigation into the crash has just begun–but family members of the two men and fans of Ward’s shouldn’t expect a report anytime soon.

Thomas Little, the National Transportation Safety Board’s lead investigator for the crash, told the station that the recovery team will “start an extensive examination [September 1st] with the airplane laid out [in a salvage yard], which is much more extensive than we can do in the field.

Well last week we went out early and did a little afternoon drinking !

“We’re in the preliminary stages of this whole thing and it takes awhile…we’re very methodical,” Little added, and said he expects the entire process to take months.

In KBZK’s words, “representatives from the companies who manufactured the plane and its engine will also comb through the wreckage.” Meanwhile, the Darrell Ward funeral itself took place this past Saturday, September 3rd.

It's great when I can put a grin on someone's face as we drive along the 401 or the 403.

If they are enjoying the show, my hubby will make me ********** until I ****** while the truck driver watches me... What happened to all the women brave enough or horny enough to flash your boobs at a poor trucker as you pass him?

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Or the really brave and horny women willing to show the whole package.

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