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Becoming the favourite haunt for students, teachers and criminals alike…? Cowardice or not, he intended to hide and wait the whole thing out.That was neither, but it sure did keep things interesting. This is a new one shot series I'm working on based on the Monster Girl Encyclopedia by Kenkou Cross. And sadly, the only candidate left was the weakest among them. Leading the male alliance wasn't part of the plan, nor was becoming mankind's final hope. It was just a shame no one would believe him when he said so! Freckles and I made lots of new friends on a new world after a wrong turn on a space ship when Tucker sent me for milk..I made lots of friends there! Kyle Morgan was chosen to become the next Kamen Rider Decade, having survived his unpleasant childhood.As such, these people should be given as little creative share in your work as possible. Even if you don't know, your readers will and there's a good chance that your fic will deserve the smack-down heaped upon you even as your pitiful cries of "no flames" go unnoticed in the fic summary. They are the know-it-alls of fanfiction; even other authors.

Well, this is the same for me, except with story ideas that I just can't devote enough time to. It's been seven months since Ichigo managed to defeat Aizen during the Winter War. After all, my line of work would always be screwing with me when I don't need to. (Yes, the title is a pun and on purpose)A quest for redemption of a Zulu Squad sergeant from Spec Ops: The Line to become the hero in a unique world of magic, familiars and bratty teenagers. Rated T unless otherwise stated for mild violence, fan service and harsh language. [Latest Chapter: 14 - (Story Update)]Life throws many different challenges to many different people... So what happens when one is given the challenge of surviving a world of death, gunfire and dust while wielding a gamer's weapon? (Rated M for swearing and violence)The Schnee family possesses a special trait: the ability to summon familiars into battle. Things won't always be what you expect, in this new tale of Dragon Ball Z! KAMEN RIDER AMAZONSAn Arab billionaire plans to create a racing theme-reality show in the hopes of creating a series, and at his servant's suggestion he goes to Hope's Peak Academy and tricks the students to participate in a cross-country race with 1 billion Yen as the price to the race's winner. From assassins to students, they'll learn all they can about being huntresses.

Normally this advisement is made by people that don't know they're closet creativity thieves; people who don't realize that their favorite series usually has either plot holes you can drive a death star through or that same series has Lucky God martial Artists, Flying airships, and springs of drowned Asura-zebra-octopi-phoenix-yeti-bulls. Smile, nod and continue writing anyway with Rule of Fanfiction Failure #8 somewhere in the back of your mind. That's right folks, its time to drop the rosaries and stop going to those cleansing ceremonies because contrary to what you have been led to believe, fanon is not the end of the world.

Sadly, their disagreements usual come down to little more than opinion of what is in reality- say it with me -magical bullshit. Some of the best works you will ever read in fanfiction "have been done before" and it's still amazing how these will be the first words out of reader's mouths when running an idea past them- even though they absolutely HAVE to know somewhere in the back of their mind that this is an empty statement, because half the fics they enjoy "have been done before". What is the end of the world is not knowing the difference between fanon and canon.

My Deviantart Page link: And a wiki I'm working on: Also, enjoy the fics written by these writers: Angel17712Jazzpha Mew Megumi Ten-Faced Paladin Shadow Element 13Reaper Lord of Death Ant Crown Mask Rider Roy Kite Lanford Brave Kid They are in my Favorite Author's List. Don't remember who, but they make sense Fanfiction Failure Metarules for Writers Things to look out for as an author to help you win more than fail at fanfiction.

I am also available as a beta/editor/muse for any fics that has Kamen Rider and/or Kamen Rider influences. Fanfiction Failure Metarule #1-- Be especially wary of open forums and chat channels in this regard as they usually have opinionated folks who haven't ever written anything or anything in nearly forever.

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