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The Georgia Gold Rush was the second significant gold rush in the United States and the first in Georgia, and overshadowed the previous rush in North Carolina.It started in 1829 in present-day Lumpkin County near the county seat, Dahlonega, and soon spread through the North Georgia mountains, following the Georgia Gold Belt. Many Georgia miners moved west when gold was found in the Sierra Nevada in 1848, starting the California Gold Rush.In the early stages of the gold rush, the majority of the mining was placer mining.By 1830, Nile's Register estimated that there were 4,000 miners working on Yahoola Creek alone, and over 300 ounces (8.5 kg) of gold per day were being produced in an area from north of Blairsville to the southeast corner of Cherokee County.Besides panning and other gold-washing machines, efforts shifted to working the lode deposits, or gold-bearing quartz vein mining.This involved digging shafts and tunnels, from three to seven square feet in size, braced by timbers due to the fissures in the rock and the danger of collapse.

President Andrew Jackson authorized the Indian Removal Act in 1830, which would allow a take over of the gold mining areas among other places.

During this rapid influx of prospectors and settlers, tensions with the Cherokee increased.

Before long, gold mines appeared in most counties in the North Georgia mountains, including Georgia's northeastern-most county, Rabun.

The Cherokee Nation turned to the federal court system to avoid being forced off their ancestral lands.

The Supreme Court first ruled in favor of the State of Georgia in the 1831 case Cherokee Nation v. Georgia reversed this decision to recognize the Cherokee as a sovereign nation.

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The Philadelphia Mint received $1,098,900 in gold from Georgia between 18.

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