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Boom towns like Auraria and Dahlonega began to appear.

and Dahlonega was said to have supported 15,000 miners at the height of the gold rush.

The Civil War brought most operations to a halt, but a few operations continued after the war, and several mines were reworked in the 1930s, during the Great Depression.

Before they were expelled, the Cherokee gained enough gold-mining experience to participate in later gold rushes in California in 1849 and Colorado in 1859.

The Cherokee Nation turned to the federal court system to avoid being forced off their ancestral lands.

The Supreme Court first ruled in favor of the State of Georgia in the 1831 case Cherokee Nation v. Georgia reversed this decision to recognize the Cherokee as a sovereign nation.

The Philadelphia Mint received 2,000 in gold from Georgia in 1830.

Other estimates were that in 1831 there were 6,000 to 10,000 miners between the Chestatee River and the Etowah River.

This involved digging shafts and tunnels, from three to seven square feet in size, braced by timbers due to the fissures in the rock and the danger of collapse.

This was a testimony to the amount of gold being produced in Georgia.

The establishment of the Dahlonega Mint seemed to validate the state's actions in the early part of the century to seize Cherokee lands.

When news of the California Gold Rush reached Georgia, many miners moved west in search of more gold; the assayer of the Dahlonega Mint, M. In that ridge lies more gold than man ever dreamt of.

There's millions in it." There were some 500 mines in 37 different counties.

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During this rapid influx of prospectors and settlers, tensions with the Cherokee increased.

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