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You will build a strong knowledge of the variations through experience.Remember, you are looking for an instrument that will have a very strong influence on your enjoyment of playing music!Back to the Index/menu of this guide The first thing to look at is the label.It should tell you the year, model number, and serial number of the instrument. Mine (1921) is nearly illegible, but with a bright light and a lot of patience, I was able to read all of the information from the inside.All of the above are signs of use and wear- they are not really bad in and of themselves, but they do indicate how much an instrument has been played.

Sometimes instruments that haven't been played in a while are "sleeping", it can take a month or so to "re-break" them.

The important breakdowns are: Compare a "Broken in" Gibson from the same period (1900-1907; 1908-1920) for a fairly accurate estimate of how the instrument will eventually sound.

For the period of 1921 onward, try to get a near exact analogue becuase there are so many differences.

The higher numbers have more fancy decorative features in general, but do not necessarily sound any better than "lower end" models.

I personally would be hard pressed to trade my A0 for an A4. The information following is not official as there are so many instruments that break the rules.

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This guide is inteneded as a starting point in a search for a Gibson A-model mandolin from the years 1907-1935.

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