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Video portrays it as a white guy falling in love with an Asian woman and warning her of the stigmas and problems with the white mans society.

Truth of the song was that it was written about China white heroin?

Bob from Lakewood, you are a complete and total idiot for writing this huge heap of crap about psychotic people being 'mentally afflicted' and them not knowing they're experiencing an illness.

I despise intolerably ignorant and dumb people like you and hope you all die out within the next minute. I find it a bit exaggerated to call Joey Feer a racist.

I think it has two meanings and can be interpreted either way that is the beauty of it. It's a love song, a western man full of western values falls in love for a chinese girl, get's addicted to her, misses her when she's not around, loves her wildness, is scared of succumbing to her totally........references to Nazism, power, and domination are his attempts to warn her to stay away even though he wants her he doesn't want her corrupted....

Stevie Ray Vaughan almost did do the tour, however Bowie told him that he would have to where the costumes and dance the choreography as the rest of the band.

The second part ("My little China Girl..Rule the World") has the guy at a moment of remorse, telling the girl to go away from her, and the final part (And when I get excited..."Just you shut your mouse") is the girl enabling the guy and, in a way, saying she's not leaving.In the LP version, you can recognize that Bowie kind of imitates the way a prototypical non-native Asian speaker of English would pronounce the sentence "just you shut your mouth".It's not only the pronunciation of "mouth" but the whole diction that sounds somewhat "non-native".) is a province of the People's Republic of China, located in the northwest of the country.It lies between the Tibetan and Loess plateaus, and borders Mongolia, Inner Mongolia, and Ningxia to the north, Xinjiang and Qinghai to the west, Sichuan to the south, and Shaanxi to the east.

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