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I am not going to review the notes, this fragrance has plenty of reviews that do this already.But I will add the reason why I purchased this fragrance once again.I am also a big believer that this fragrance 100% works better at night and should not be used on hot days and is not suitable for tropical to subtropical climates EVER (or high-humidity).A very natural scent doesn't smell cheap or synthetic at all.It is a brilliant fragrance to use at Christmas time.There’s very few fragrances that I would call masterpieces but this is easily 1 of them and it’s also 1 of my top 5 personal favorite fragrances of all time !This to me is what a classy gentleman is supposed to smell like in the colder seasons ! I have received compliments on this and my girlfriend also enjoys this but she also says it is a little mature for what she typically likes.

Sounds strange but damn does this stuff smell great. It’s very sketchy as it also sometimes projects loudly and other times as if you never applied anything.Sex is just one part of a relationship and relationships come in all shapes and sizes. Perhaps you are poly, bi, open minded, but perhaps you are solo too. I’d prefer a guy 25-45, who is adventurous and fun. The dry down isn't so impressive as it gets kind of synthetic leathery. Burberry London is like a handsome and wealthy man with distinct English elegance.This fragrance cannot be judged by sniffing from the sprayer, where the tobacco note probably reeks. I think the tobacco is still there during this mid phase—it doesn’t really disappear—but the strong presence of leather and cinnamon makes it less noticeable. It’s in the dry-down that the trace of tobacco kicks in once again. The whole scent profile of Burberry London—which endures for good eight hours in a temperature-controlled environment—is so warm and cuddling. Opens with a sweet fizzy cherry cola vibe, then gradually the tobacco, cinnamon and leather comes to the front and develops into a warm cosy scent.

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I've often heard it described as having a prominent "port wine" note, and that is a much more accurate description than tobacco/leather.

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