Dating method in geology

Appropriate observational evidence must include all relevant data from the Bible and from archaeology, geography, and geology.Toward satisfying the old-earth geologist, data must be used in a way free of a young-earth perspective.There are other ways beside geological ones for exploring the Flood geology question.

Such demonstration indicates for them only how to embellish their interpretation, not proving to undercut it or to require its alteration.In brief, a literal garden geography undermines Flood geology's principal claim of Flood-induced deposition of the Geologic Column, hence the term "erodes" in this article's title.The geography of Eden has never been known precisely.Conventional geologists have found no evidence for a universal flood depositing all strata in a short time within the past 10,000 years.They assert that there was relatively little geomorphological change over this period.

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With two paradigms in conflict, geologic data can be investigated for consistency according to either one or both.

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