Dating midlife questions

You start imagining the possibilities of a life together. His energy reality impacts on yours and all the emotions and thoughts that wake up in you are simply the visible part of this energy connection. We are talking about something that goes on in the subtle levels.

Each meets the women of their dreams on the same day.You end up thinking about that man a lot and have no idea about his feelings or desires for you.During that time, what happens as well is the fact that your mind and emotions are being "rearranged". All these emotions and thoughts happening in you are the reflection of something way deeper going on: It is the interaction between your two energies.In other terms, they feel that having multiple connections with more than one woman is more fulfilling than being in a committed relationship. It is because of their experience and sexual drive.When you are in the dating world, these two directions conflict with each other all the time: Are you going to be exclusive with someone or do you keep your options open. You have all the variations between one extreme and the other.

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I know that this vision of both men and women having multiple partners can sound very different than the romantic dream you have in mind.

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