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The announcement comes just days after The Washington Post reported that nine more women had accused Kozinski of making sexual comments to them or of other conduct, including four who said he touched them inappropriately. Mc Crabbie: Apparently Kozinski thinks grabbing a woman by the breasts is exhibiting "a broad sense of humor." Is that because women are broads, or what?

That story followed an earlier report in The Post, which detailed the allegations of six women, including former clerks who said Kozinski showed them porn in his chambers.” (Also linked yesterday afternoon.) ... Josh Gerstein & : "The Trump administration asked the Supreme Court on Monday to block an abortion for a teenage girl in immigration custody, even as federal officials gave up their fight to prevent another undocumented immigrant teen from terminating her pregnancy.

The revelation that Prince Bader is the purchaser, according to documents reviewed by The New York Times, links one of the most captivating mysteries of the art world with palace intrigues in Saudi Arabia that are shaking the region.

Prince Bader splurged on this controversial and decidedly un-Islamic portrait of Christ at a time when most of the Saudi Arabian elite, including members of the royal family, are cowering under a sweeping crackdown against corruption and self-enrichment." : "PBS announced on Monday that CNN International correspondent Christiane Amanpour would be the interim replacement for Charlie Rose after he was fired and his long-running interview show was canceled over multiple allegations of sexual harassment....

while Trump has given his followers the liberal tears they crave, that victory contains the seeds of its own reversal.

Production of 'House of Cards' season 6 was suspended in October, following sexual assault allegations against star Kevin Spacey.

Season 6 of the political thriller will be eight episodes, starring Robin Wright, Sarandos said.

'Amanpour on PBS' will begin airing on New York’s PBS station on Monday and will roll out to other stations beginning Dec.

11." : "Netflix has reached an agreement to resume production on 'House of Cards' season 6 — the show’s final season — in early 2018, according to chief content officer Ted Sarandos.

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  1. The former congressman blames leakers in the FBI – and former FBI Director Comey – for injecting his case into the election and causing Weiner and his family extreme duress.'By 2009, Anthony's national prominence had reached new heights...

  2. "Is the city not big enough for those women for them to break traditions and enter al-Rahba? "The shops on this street exist in most streets and there's no reason to challenge traditions," added the young bookseller. I grew up knowing that women are not allowed into the street," Murad told The New Arab.