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On that date the Cullen Act went into effect, allowing the sale of 3.2% beer.It was not until Jan.1, 1934 that repeal of the Eighteenth Amendment was ratified.

Like Rainier, PB&M moved to SF when Washington's state-wide Prohibition shut them down in January 1916.briefly covers the period from the brand's inception to the end of Prohibition, and includes the brands introduction into Canada in the 1920s.This part of the Rainier history covers the period after Repel, and is further divided into two parts: prohibition gave brewers until 1 January 1916 to liquidate their inventories and cease operations. chose to build a new plant in California believing that national prohibition would not happen.It then became legal to produce and sell pre-prohibition "full strength" beer.Joseph Goldie, Rainier's chairman of the board, stated that "...brewery had enough 5½% beer in aging tanks to release thousands of cases of their Pale Beer in anticipation of Repeal." He described this pre-prohibition style as a pilsner-type beer that originated in old Austria, and was made with low-kiln-dried malt and Bohemian, Saazer hops.

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