Dating people of other religions

But despite all that, some experts say religion is becoming less important to today’s young singles looking for a partner.

“What I’ve seen is a trend going toward spirituality, as opposed to a defining religion,” said De Alto, who helps clients build online dating profiles.

There's an app — actually many, many apps and websites — for that.

Sites like Christian Mingle, JDate and Ishqr cater to specific religious populations, and if Tinder is too broad, you can always download JSwipe for fast access to nearby Jewish singles.

While options like Tinder are winning the numbers game —the app has a reported 50 million users compared to Christian Mingle's 141,000 — Egan suspects people who use dating sites focused around religion are looking for something much different.

“People come to us because they are really interested in forming a long-term partnership with somebody,” he said. The Tinder-ization of the dating world is actually very different from the community that resides in both Christian Mingle and JDate.” And users of these sites aren't always very religious, he added.

“Denomination is not necessarily the most important thing — it’s more about that core belief,” he said.

Such instructions continue throughout much of the Old Testament.

Should a Christian date someone who follows one of the cults: Mormonism, Adventism, Jehovah's Witness, Christian Science?

Or is the question, "Should a Christian date someone of another denomination? In the Old Testament, God told Abraham he should not get a wife for Isaac from among the heathen (Genesis 24:5).

“We want Jews to marry Jews, and this was working,” Rabbi David Seth Kirshner said.

“So many people were coming in and saying, ‘Life is so busy, I don’t know where to meet people.

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