Dating quilt blocks

Early wholecloth bed quilts which may appear to be a solid piece of fabric are actually composed of strips of fabric, inasmuch as early looms could not produce expansion of cloth large enough to cover an entire bed surface.Early quilts that feature the same fabric for the entire quilt top, whether that top is made of dyed wool or pieces of (the same) printed cotton fabric, are referred to as wholecloth quilts.Quilt making was common in the late 18th century and early years of the 19th.Most women were busy spinning, weaving and sewing in order to clothe their family.Obviously quilts were not made of left over scraps or worn clothing as a humble bedcovering during this period.Instead they were decorative items that displayed the fine needlework of the maker such as the Baltimore album quilts.The presentation is a combination Power Point and trunk show of quilts from her collection with quilts made over the past 200 years.

It was created by about 30 convict women as they were transported from Woolwich to Hobart in 1841. It is a medallion quilt with Broderie perse at its centre.A timeline of characteristics of quilts over the past 150 years will be lectured and a sharing of her textile collection.Then the class will practice dating quilts that participants have brought to class.I have recently found one in the New England Quilt Museum.Create your own version whether reproduction, funky or contemporary for this very rare block. Karen will guide you in learning ways to date your antique and vintage quilts.

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A trunk show of Karen's quilts and stories of her travels through the quilting world.

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