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Generally used in standard and drop D tunings on tour. Thom also has another Gibson SG which he obtained after the ‘64.

Probably also from the 60’s, it is used as the spare for his No1 SG.

Sported a vintage Apple sticker bellow the bridge for many years.

Thom also added a bridge cover taken from a Fender Precision bass.

From left to right: Lakewood M14, Martin 00-18, Gibson ES330 No2, Fender Jazzmaster No3, and Fender Jazzmaster No2.

Part of Thom’s Gibson ES330 No1 can also be seen on the left.

Both tone knobs were removed from the guitar, as was one of the volume knobs.

The holes in the pick guard where the tone knobs previously resided were then filled filled by the pickup selector and output jack.

Thom’s guitar setup for the 2010 Atoms for Peace Tour.

On the 2012 tour, it was also used for certain alternate tunings (CGCGBE to play ), meaning that Thom could switch tunings quickly without the tone of his guitar changing. Acquired circa 1993 and used for touring from 1994 until October 1995, when the guitar was stolen along with the rest of Radiohead’s gear.

Thom removed the original pickguard when he added a humbucker pickup in the middle position.

Nigel was probably on stage using Thom’s Jazzmaster No2 when this photo was taken, hence it’s absence. In the first rack, the guitars, from left to right, are a Gibson ES-125T, Gibson ES330, Fender Jazzmaster No2, Fender Jazzmaster No1, Gibson SG No2, and Gibson SG No1.

In the second rack, they are an Epiphone Casino No1, Epiphone Casino ‘Ed’s’, Guild M85, Gibson B25, Martin 00-18, and Gibson Hummingbird.

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, Sept 2003) Thom may have smashed his first steel-strung guitar against a wall when he was four (because the strings hurt his fingers), but after he got the Spanish guitar he never stopped playing.

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