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In 1994, while filming a television version of Joanna Trollope's A Village Affair, she fell off a bicycle in rehearsal and fractured a rib.

For months she was unable to work although she recovered enough to play Betsy Prig in the BBC film of Martin Chuzzlewit.

In 1964 she rejoined the Carry On team and continued to intersperse numerous Carry On films with broadcast comedy and revue work.

Although the Carry On series formed the major part of her film career, she acted in a number of other films including, in 1975, a small role in Love Among the Ruins starring Laurence Olivier and Katharine Hepburn and a part in Disney's One of Our Dinosaurs is Missing, with Peter Ustinov.

Although successful, the films were made on very tight budgets and the actors were poorly paid with no share of the profits.

Conditions were sometimes miserable; Carry On Camping, for instance, was filmed in late autumn in freezing temperatures.

As with other games in the series, players take control of "Sims", virtual people with needs and desires.

Later on, she was often cast as a battleaxe or shrewish wife.

Yet the films provided Joan Sims with regular work and fame, if not fortune.

She noted with pride that when, in 1999, the British Film Institute polled its members for their 100 favourite films of the century, Carry On Up the Khyber was in 99th place - one above The Killing Fields.

More theatre followed, and in 1956 she appeared in Man Alive at the Aldwych, a farce set in the front window of a department store, in which she played a talking dummy.

She was now getting a considerable amount of film and television work - "mostly cameo roles for silly blonde girls" - and in 1959 she appeared in Carry On Nurse.

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The film was the biggest box-office hit in Britain that year.

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