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Description: Here is a very nice .577 cartridge produced by the Ludlow Brothers of Birmingham, England.This one has a paper label on the top that reads, "E. Ludlow / Birmingham." The cartridge is completely intact with the bullet side dipped in tallow/wax.This one has writing that is incorrect and could be removed if desired. The handle is nice and hasn't separated from the mold.The handle moves freely and the cavity is pristine.This book covers buttons, accoutrement plates, and misc. This one has a sticker on the inside cover and is well used.Description: This is a great book full of early American buttons. There is a water spot on the back interior section along with the top of two or three pages.

The buckle is a solid aluminum buckle produced by Dransfeld & Co. According to the historical database there are two William B. I am assuming these are marksmanship badges for the MVM.I haven't been able to find much about this packet either. Description: Very rare pin commemorating the ten year anniversary of Dietrich Eckart's death. This book covers buttons, accoutrement plates, and misc. This one has a sticker on the inside and is lightly used.The front reads, "1923 Dietrich Eckart 1933 / Deutschland Erwache." The back reads Neumarkt I. Description: This is an excellent book published by the New York Historical Society that covers relics from the Revolutionary War through 1812.Description: Here is an original working die for some sort of insignia/plate/etc.. The main female die is stamped into a brass ingot with posts on the back.This created a working die that could be used, melted, and remade rather than destroying the main die.

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