Dating song lyrics from boys what does god say about dating and mating

The songwriting credit here belongs to “Trebor Rellim”…Robert Miller, spelled backwards.In fact, Miller was the piano player for legendary country pioneers, the Prairie Ramblers.Going back to 1915, three years before the Yanks entered the Great War, Armentieres was where British troops coming off the line went for R&R.Members of the British Army of India transformed “Skiboo,” (also known as “Snapoo”), a song dating back to the 1880s and the Boer Wars, into “Mademoiselle from Armentieres,” alternately known as “Two German Officers.” Another song known as “The Little Red Train” also is reputed to be a source for verses.

“No, it was not the kiss,” she said, “it was about a bill–some money.” Sergeant “Red” Owlands, said now to be the manager of a cinema in London, was in Armentieres at the time, and like everybody else, heard of the slapping incident.He was organizing concerts for British troops and wanted a “topical” song.The original verses of “Mademoiselle from Armentieres” were written within an hour.The Sweet Violet Boys were indeed the Ramblers, operating under a pseudonym, possibly due to the risque nature of the recording.This was not the only time they recorded under this bit of camouflage.

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