Dating the football team dating for lesbians

Winner is a small town in southern South Dakota with a population of less than 3,000 people.

There's only one main school district, and the whole town is very invested in its football team.

Bolton said he was surprised by how much attention their story got in the national news.'Many people are calling this amazing rather than just a second nature act of kindness,' he said.

Related: These 100 players are the best in the league right now: Ten organizations also had at least 50% of their fans report that they would rather date someone of the same football fanbase than of the same faith.SEE ALSO: Top NFL Draft prospect sounds off on college sports: 'Football and school don't go together'A bachelor or bachelorette being a fan of your team's rival would cause some serious issues for many, but especially for Baltimore Ravens supporters: 50% of Ravens fans surveyed said they would refuse to date a fan of their division rival Pittsburgh Steelers.Another 42% would absolutely not date fans of the New England Patriots, who the Ravens often run into during the postseason.Well, that's easier said than done, especially when you realize how some NFL fans are.A study done by Fanatics delves deep into the dating preferences of each team's fanbase -- and it revealed some interesting trends.

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