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Their website laments the fact that fewer British women take computer science degrees now than they did 10 years ago, and sets out to provide a role model for girls who might one day fix that problem.

The mega-pack comes with a Detective Dot book that is a fun story as well as a lesson in coding, a series of “missions” to complete, such as cracking a code or writing an “if statement” using, refreshingly, nothing more high-tech and expensive than a pen and piece of paper.

He is weirdly cute, but even more impressive than his ability to hiccup and recognise familiar faces (to a point – he couldn’t tell the difference between my daughters) is the ease with which children can use an app on a phone or tablet to play memory games against them, or to programme sequences that control Cozmo's behaviour.

New abilities and upgrades are unlocked as he gets to know his human friends better – presumably he will be running the show by this time next year.

This kit has plenty that even tech-savvy tweens will enjoy.

Buy now This miniature robot from AI specialists Anki will quickly become the family pet.

Buy now This animatronic pup can be programmed using 10 trigger points on its body and an app (needs compatible smartphone or tablet) to have the pet personality of your dreams.

Always wanted a dog that spins around and barks when you pet it? This robo-doggy is geared at children aged six and above, but younger children will enjoy playing with it even if the coding side of things is beyond them.

Just don’t lose the blocks under the sofa or get them mixed up with standard Lego. Buy now Which primary school-aged child wouldn’t want to programme a robotic mouse to find some cheese?

Yes, it’s a pricey thing, but inside this small orange box is all the gear that a six-year-old – you read right – needs to assemble their own basic laptop and then use it to explore how a computer works and complete scores of coding challenges.

It is the sort of thing that makes grandparents think they’ve woken up on a different planet.

Without realising it, kids learn basic programming – and get suitably furious with siblings who collect their jewels first.

The box says “four and up” but children of about three can play on some level with a bit of parental help.

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