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Charlotte Smith, 22, spent 18 months at Leeds Metropolitan University before transferring to her local Teesside University, to be closer to her family after a bereavement.

"I was struggling to cope in a horrible, smelly student house, and I just wanted to be with my mum," she says.

"My parents were really relaxed about me going out, just as long as I didn't wake them up too often," says Williams.

The thought of being able to train going to and from lectures is awesome.Pay your way: they might not want you to pay rent, but don't take advantage of your family's generosity.Agree what you will contribute – food, bills and so on – and stick to it. At university Get involved: throw yourself into university life. From film-making to karate, they are a great way to make friends.So, your local university offers your dream course, you like the idea of saving money, want to stay close to home and are prepared to get involved in student life. Just make sure you can tolerate your parents for the year, and vice versa.CASE STUDY 'I want to party, but I also need to be fit' Kristian Mc Phee, 19, is off to LSE in September and is choosing to live at home with his parents so he can keep up his hobby of parkour – a sort of gymnastics using the urban landscape as the apparatus When I applied to university, I always had parkour in mind.

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Stick around: don't run off after lectures – go for that post-seminar drink.

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