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The daily strip ended after less than a year and the Sunday strip lasted only until November 1937.

Originally drawn as a humanlike French poodle caricature of singer Helen Kane, Fleischer’s character was changed to a completely human form in 1932.

Once you have decided which styles of mesh purses call your name, seriously consider the price range that you will be comfortable spending on a purse.

Do some price comparing and find a dealer that you feel is fair, offers good customer service and a return policy. A reputable dealer should be eager to answer your questions, offer specific information and point out condition issues that effect the value of a purse.

It was quite apparent years ago that the curiosity towards Whiting & Davis, as well as Mandalian mesh purses, was exuberant and soon to be out of control.

The scope of my job involves assisting you in making sound decisions and choices.

Historically, buyers want the very best possible condition at the lowest price available.

Betty Boop made her debut in Max Fleischer’s 1930 cartoon , the sixth episode of his Talkartoon series produced by Fleischer Studios and released by Paramount Pictures.

She also appeared in print in the comic section of a few newspapers starting in July 1934, but the comic strip never achieved the popularity of her cartoons.

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However, the cartoon character, Betty Boop, was an even bigger box office draw than many of the flesh and blood actors. And she was so popular that her likeness became one of the most frequently used images in mass merchandising during the Depression era.

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