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Building an attractive lifestyle is crucial; but almost everyone gets the wrong idea of what that means.When I first heard this, I interpreted it the same way most people do: it meant a jet set lifestyle, hobnobbing with celebrities and getting to jump the queue at the hottest clubs.Ask yourself this question and answer with honesty.It will be obvious to you whether there’s any real passion inside.It’s about living an authentic life; living on your own terms, and being happy with who you are. Consider how famous mystics or gurus can draw followers and wield massive influence, even if they don’t live the conventional jet set lifestyle (well, the real ones don’t anyway.) The secret sauce is the passion and fulfilment they radiate; just being around them makes others feel good.

Your attractive lifestyle will be different to mine, and anyone else.It gives you abundant energy to , and it fires up people around you.Women are drawn to passion, and will look past many disadvantages like lack of wealth or great looks if you have it.There is the inner aspect; comprised of your values, attitudes, beliefs, etc.Then there are the outer aspects, the parts people can see; your hobbies and interests, your career, how you present yourself.

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