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That seems simultaneously like a very long time ago, and not very long ago at all, because time is vast and human brains are small and fallible, but it’s safe to say that in TV years, it’s a pretty long goddamned time.The men and women behind the characters we used to spend one night a week with have gone on to other things – some bigger and better, others kind of rubbish – and unless you’re a particularly obsessive superfan, you’ve probably lost track of at least some of them.She seems to have wanted to disassociate herself from those kinds of characters, though, turning down a role in , where he played the half-demon Doyle; some sources claim the character was always meant to be killed off early, while others say that Quinn’s real life drug problems meant he had to be written out.It seems kind of poor taste to speculate about it much further, since, whatever the truth, Quinn died from a drug overdose at the tragically young age of 32.Of course, that's not to say there weren't a few hiccups....

Denisof had a minor role in , but got to really flex her acting muscles in the Shakespeare play as the prickly Beatrice.

Judging by Whedon's body language during all this, I'm sensing he may still harbor some hurt feelings over the snub. Potty mouth: What does Green miss most about his Buffy days?

Arriving to work "to find that David Boreanaz had pooped in my trailer." More Buffy: Whedon acknowledged that "so many stars would have to align" in order to pull off a Buffy movie.

What resulted was the most excruciating 20 minutes in Paley Fest history.

Brendon spent three of those minutes inventing fake movie titles and berating Gellar for not adequately answering the i Pod portion of the question. She's listening to the soundtrack from South Park: Bigger, Longer, Uncut.) Um, awkward: Asked to reveal the real reason she refused Whedon's offer to return in Season 7 as a demonic version of Tara, Benson joked that she was too busy "making love to Marlon Brando." All kidding aside, she wanted fans to remember Tara as the sweet, innocent lesbian she was, and not some nasty, evil beast.

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" If Gellar had a stake, I'm pretty sure she would've driven it through his heart.

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