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It cost me 60 rupees.” Surender used to ask Preeti to meet him at a meeting point far from their homes.

Dressed up in his best clothes, some cheap jeans and a shirt from counterfeit brands bought from Palika Bazaar, and wearing cologne, his priority was to plan their dates in a way to avoid Delhi’s infamous “eve-teasers,” men who sexually harass women on the street with leers, catcalls and often ironic serenades of lyrics from famous Bollywood film songs.

Is it okay for a guy to check out a woman in public?

(Marrying within the “gotra” is one of the primary reasons for recurring “honour killing” of lovers in India.) The couple used to meet each other however they could — by bus, auto rickshaw and on foot.

For poor people, going on a date requires setting different expectations.

Money, where to go and what to do, coupled with a lack of privacy in a densely populated place make for rendezvous that are no less romantic, but decidedly different from what many young people around the world consider a “date.” Anuradha usually takes a bus to go to Kalindi Kunj Park or the ruins of the Tughlaqabad fort, both around four kilometres from her home, and that’s where she meets her boyfriend for dates.

She mops floors, scrubs bathroom tiles, takes out the garbage and sweeps and wipes the apartment stairs. Her employers joke about it, but it’s one way to get through the tedium that comes with spending the work day with her back bent over or on her haunches. That’s her day off, she said as she mopped my apartment stairs. She’s the first woman from her family who makes her own money.

They’re from Bihar, hundreds of miles to the east, and they’re conservative.

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