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And that's the reason why IBM uses our processors for the worlds largest supercomputers, [and] that's the reason why every single cloud, every major server around the world has adopted Nvidia GPUs." Huang's statement aligns with our thoughts that Intel's return to the discrete graphics industry is more centered on capturing some of the burgeoning use-cases for parallelized workloads, such as AI, than it is about gaming.

Nvidia's push into the data center has been fruitful, as evidenced by the 109% Yo Y revenue growth, but it's really just the beginning of GPU penetration into several other segments, such as autonomous driving.

But at the end of the Q&A portion, in response to a question regarding Intel's renewed interest in developing a discrete GPU and its newfound partnership with AMD, Huang responded: "Yeah, there's a lot of news out there....first of all, Raja leaving AMD is a great loss for AMD, and it's a recognition by Intel probably that the GPU is just incredibly important now.

The modern GPU is not a graphics accelerator, we just left the letter "G" in there, but these processors are domain-specific parallel accelerators, and they are enormously complex, they are the most complex processors built by anybody on the planet today.

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If Intel is just beginning the effort, it could be years before a product makes its way to market.Nvidia held its 3Q 2017 earnings call today, and as expected, the company had a stellar quarter.Top line numbers include a record .64 billion in revenue, led by a 25% growth in gaming and a whopping 109% Yo Y growth in the data center.It takes about three years to build a new generation, and we build multiple GPUs at the same time, and on top of that, there are some 5,000 engineers working on system software and numerics libraries, and solvers, and compilers, and graph analytics, and cloud platforms, and virtualization stacks in order to make this computing architecture useful to all of the people we serve.So when you think about it from that perspective, it's just an enormous undertaking.

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The combination of Pascal and Max Q has really raised the bar, and that's really the essence of it." That was the last of Huang's statements on the matter, though some of his responses to other questions during the call are telling.

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