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Well, you ought to talk to a doctor about it right away. Whether you're 'straight' or gay, the same thing applies; if your erections aren't too good, you could probably do with a spot of medical advice.But first of all, let's just make clear what ED is.If this is the case, you should talk to one of the other types of doctor listed above. You may feel very diffident or even scared at the prospect of going to a doctor. In particular, think about what words you're going to use.But have courage: medical men and women are used to dealing with this sort of thing. A lot of men feel quite petrified about how to express the problem in words.The doctor is mainly looking for any bodily disorders that might be the cause of your problem.Please understand that you do have to take your clothes off for this!It's simpler and quicker just to tell the doctor at the outset of your consultation that you think you have ED.

However, we are aware that some men still find their GP somewhat unapproachable (or even embarrassed) on sexual matters.Remember: what you tell the doctor is totally confidential.The doctor will also ask you questions about your general health and about what medication, if any, you are on. A good doctor will always do a brief physical check-up in cases of ED.There is one exception to what we have said: it's perfectly OK to go to a properly-qualified sex therapist, for instance one working for Relate or Relationships Scotland.They're particularly helpful where the ED is associated with relationship problems.

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