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For Comfort , the integrated timer is not available, the pressure selector does not include “No Pressure” and “Pressure Release” functions and there are only capacity marks – no measurement lines.

The Vitavit® lost two points in this category – due to the (mis)direction and force of the vapor during normal pressure release.

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The most striking feature that makes the Fissler Vitavit® series different from its predecessors is the conical base.

Translation: a roast that will fit in a cookers of the same capacity will cook diagonally in the equivalent Vitavit®. Within the Vitavit® family the Edition (photographed in this review), has two short handles and includes the timer.

The Premium (photographed in the safety section), has one long handle and the integrated timer can be used but purchased separately – most parts between the Edition and Premium are interchangeable since it is the same cooker base and lid with different handles and accessories.

Unfortunately, the direction in which vapor is released is inconvenient and dangerous.

If the cooker is positioned so that the pressure selection dial is on the right, the hot steam is released directly towards the cook.

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