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But if you don’t face up to the challenge and take some risks, you’ll never get out of the vicious cycle — and your life will remain unsatisfying.

In fact, it can get worse as you become increasingly angry or depressed that the time you have to enjoy a better life is running out.

To dissipate inner conflict, allow the Cautious You to speak to the Confident You. Let Confident You begin with the words, ‘I resent the fact that you . .’ When Confident You has finished the point, write Cautious You’s response.

Keep this dialogue going until you’ve covered all your negative and positive thoughts about your situation, and it comes to a natural conclusion.

You may feel trapped by indecision, but if you work through my six-step programme it should help you to start making concrete choices.

Should you move on, or should you work to improve things and stay with your partner? Do you often stop yourself saying what you really think because you know that the people around you won’t like it?

You wouldn’t be worrying about the discomfort of a couple of evenings arguing.Maybe you’re with someone who’s making you miserable and undermining your confidence.Or you’re having an affair and are no longer in love with the person you live with.January is often a time when we re-evaluate our life.Chances are that if you’re in a relationship or marriage that’s not always fulfilling, you might be wondering whether it’s going to last.

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