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In 1999, Arjunia took Miranda and her younger brother to the Sportrock Climbing Center in Rockville.While he was unenthused, Miranda took to it immediately. S., a Minor Child, by Her Next Friends and Parents, John Stevens and Laura Stevens v.

We had been climbing partners for seven years, but the gap between our skill levels had widened.

I hope you don’t have to work today.”For the past 27 years, Valley speed climbers have rope-soloed the in a day, but no female had broken the 24-hour mark, despite attempts by veterans Jes Meiris, Josie Mc Kee, and Chantel Astorga. On June 21, 1984, Miranda Negla Oakley was born to mother, Arjunia, a special ed teacher and Palestinian immigrant to the United States, and father, George, a music teacher and American.

“If you can say that Quakers had a dogma, it would be, ‘Live simply so that others may simply live,’” Arjunia explains.

Occasionally, she would scrounge up some friends for the eight-hour push to the New River Gorge.

She started a school-sanctioned climbing club, and shortly thereafter, studied abroad in Granada, Spain, pursuing an interest in the Moorish and Spanish culture in Andalucia.

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She joined the Sportrock climbing team, and started working at the gym when she was 17 so she could afford the membership.

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