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I spent 4 years working on luxury superyachts (or megayachts or gigayachts) and every time someone I know is thinking about it I end up having the same conversation with them.I’ve decided to stop doing that and put everything that I’d normally say into this post.These are only the best starting spots where the boats get work done – i.e. As a saffa travelling on a SA passport, I’m going to throw this one in here.Visa’s are a bitch and not having them will often cost you a job.Not to mention the TV and aircon being exactly right every time…They’re a lot less forgiving, work you much longer hours, but can leave you massive tips at the end of a stay.They let you use the stuff when they’re not there, they’ll give you plenty of perks and try to keep you around if they like you.

In Florida want to base yourself in Fort Lauderdale (venture to Miami and West Palm as well), from there you’ll catch trips to the Bahamas, and in the Caribbean you want to head to St Maartin or Antigua. Either up the US coast to Boston, Maine and Newport (Newport is the place you want to be) or across the Atlantic to the Med.Owners / guests of sail yachts are generally more relaxed and are there for the journey or experience of sailing. As crew you get a lot more slack, can generally use the equipment when the owner is not there and you’ll interact with the guests in a less formal way.(Things like the chef making sandwiches for lunch as the boats heeling while you sail, come to mind.) With motoryachts, the owner / guest is there for the destination. They generally don’t interact with the crew and the level of service (read: stress) is a lot higher.(It’s often better to jump on the train to look for work outside of Antibes!) *Note: many yachts do world tours and go to many more places.

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