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So, even though we cannot actually measure if we are more productive after the conversion, we are somewhat happier with the tools at hand.And we do believe that a good craftsman has to have the best possible tools in order to create the best possible craft.What if you would always know what you need to change in your code when it doesn’t perform in production? And I will not even start on the Eclipse debugging perspective, which has to be someone’s evil joke driving me nuts every time I recall using it. This is not bad , but the different interest groups in this foundation make the governing and execution somewhat difficult.Try Plumbr – automatic root cause detection of Java performance issues. And the feature set is also more pleasant, my favourite being the “Smart step into” which allows me to select which method to step into, if I have a code line with multiple method calls. For me as a developer it results in support tickets disappearing into a void for weeks.I do not need to learn a set of new shortcuts each time I switch away from Java. For me it meant that my screen layout got mangled each time I switched from development to debugging or refactoring.And the code completion support, especially in Javascript, is something I failed to see in Eclipse. It always annoyed me and now having just one extra context-dependent window for the additional operations I feel I have a solution I am actually enjoying Out of context – we know.

Create a ram disk(virtual disk) on memory, and put your jdk on the ram disk. later ,if you would like to remove the ram disk, just run the command: imdisk -D -m n: 5.If you enjoyed the content and wish to get updates on what the craftsmen are up to, subscribe to our Twitter feed.I dropped Intellij as soon as I learned about Mylyn.Intellij bombard us with features but they ignore the feature that would truly help.Why do we have to suffer every day with information overload, looking through billions of files ?

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