Self-sabotaging, bracing for rejection and something called ‘calibration’ are all dealt with, whilst the ethics component has him shouting out, “Be a gentleman! ” That’s cool – I’m sure the chicks will appreciate that, Doc. Check out our number 1 rated product here.[/box] There’s a Recommended Resources section that offers a host of links to a variety of websites, articles and other info, most of it relating specifically to the topics covered in the e Dating Doc course.

Oh, and in the welcome vid we get told of a grid of numbers that appear at the top of the homepage and that allow a member to navigate between different topics as they wish.

Courses that aim too high or that waffle along or that are just plain pretentious crap can do a lot of damage to the patience and nerves of any student member.

The e Dating Doc course aims for that simplicity and never strays from its core topic: to provide tips for guys who want to successfully date girls online.

To his credit, the Doc does provide an endless stream of what-ifs and potential scenarios that could arise owing to phoning her.

Some of them could be insightful (for example, what to do if you call her and she doesn’t answer – ruuuuuuuuuun and never look back! Online dating sites are given their turn in the 5th module.

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