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Built at the Dagenham factory the diesel model produced 32hp from a 3 cylinder Ford-Perkins engine.There was also a 4 cylinder petrol engine (37hp) manufactured in much smaller quantities.Many liken her to a sexier, and even more talented (yes we went there) Missy Elliot!She is very creative and well-liked in the Rap industry.Just watch for some bolts (that hold the sump on) in the front and back of the sump as they are tricky to see and you could miss them.IMPORTANT The majority of the strength of the engine is in the sump.Steve VTE 10 Joe says: November 16th, 2008 at pm My father owns a Ford Dexta (estiamte of 1957 / 1958) that has passed down through the family and recently will not not move. 12 Joanne Mc Laughln says: November 29th, 2008 at pm Hi My dad has a fordson dexta tractor, he is looking to find out the year the tractor was made, he has the chasey no and have casting codes for the model but he is finding it difficult to find out the year.there was no registration book present when he bought the vechicle. 14 hi this is ferretman says: December 15th, 2008 at pm Ive got a ford dexta i bought off a farmer friend it had been stood 10 years before i bought it off him for 500 quid im slowly restoring it and cant wait to have it all back together.

thanks 9 The Vintage Tractor Engineer says: October 26th, 2008 at am Yvonne, It’s exactly what it says on the engine number. The same system of identification is used for all the pre-mid 1990’s Perkins engines. Or where to find more information on the clutch assembly? 11 jackie says: November 27th, 2008 at pm We have a reck of a tractor which we are slowly restoring we have the new rad, pipes and cowl thanks to vintage tractors but where do we get the filler cap etc??

Chidinma Ekile Chidinma has an artsy look to her, loves to sing, and is a recognized and popular music artist, songwriter, and brand ambassador for one of Nigeria’s biggest brand names.

She always has new hair colors to show off, is very intriguing, and loves entertaining!

Oluchi Onweagba Onweagba is a sexy, very fit Nigerian model that is known globally.

Her shoots have gone as far as half nude, yet her gorgeous smile still leaves more for a man to enjoy and look at which is very impressive—a killer smile and body! Agbani Darego Darego has won Miss World, Miss Africa, and Miss Nigeria. She has a very timid, yet appealing smile and thin body that compliments the sexy tone of her skin and long dark hair.

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